Desmond stanford
Yep i made it , now my car only nuns on three cylinders
спермоклеем хорошо голову мазать, чтоб чердак не улетал
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video is good for a laugh. I will give him that.
francisco aureliano DORNELES WITT
Não é ciência, estudante, não acredite. Comece estudando livros simples sobre eletricidade. Vais gostar
Klingon Duckie
This was sure a pleasant way to take up 10 mins of my life. Now i know how to keep the kids in automotive class busy. Have them bust out the speakers and 3 spark plugs from mom and dads car. Put this project together and give it to them as a Christmas gift. The gift that keeps on giving for sure
samuel bastos
The power supply is below the table forming a static circle. Joining the magnets away from the table will not work.
jacy carlos stangherlin
Não assistimos todos os testes, mas os que acompanhamos são perfeitas FRÁUDES VERGONHOSAS ! Parem de mentir !
محمد العكروت
HUHUHU, Salvation The electricity problem in the world has ended
Jim Wood
MANY THANKS for this video. I'm selling electricity to my neighbors, and we're now all off the grid. Amazing!
Gary dP
You know it was seen by my dad and he insisted I look into this, knowing about the laws of thermodynamics and have an electrical and electronics engineering background not to mention physics, I had to find out what the fuss was about. Well my friend you just discovered induction, and how we can now power our devices with capacitors and inductors and coils of wire. I didn't know this was possible, only if you showed us the bottom of the table first. I can tell you this with all my knowledge and all my background in the electrical field I haven't found the answer to nuclear fusion and free energy. If you figure out how to super cool things at absolute zero or find super conducting at room temperature please let me know. Only when you get to absolute zero that you could have zero resistance that will allow for free flow of electrons then you can power this thing indefinitely.
He hides a battery underneath the experiment bench I guess
Mr Band 07
Becareful to touch man! maybe you get an electric shock to your bare hands😜
Al Horohsiy
Мертвые автомобильные свечи в этом натюрморте особенно хорошо смотрятся.
I used to dream of making stuff like this.. when I was 5..
Cristian Suertegaray
Desde ver la foto del video me hizo reír muchísimo, es genial. Lo único que le faltó decir es que la carcaza del parlante hace de antena y recibe alta tensión desde la Gran Nube de Magallanes , por ese motivo hay gente que no logra obtener los 220V (orientar de manera tal que quede mirando a la gran nube de magallanes), en el caso de querer que la salida tenga 110V tienen que hacer la bobina con la mitad de las vueltas (Espiras) y el alambre con el doble de sección.
Почему все вечняки собирают с помощью клеевого пистолета ,говна и палок?И главное всегда работают!))здесь под столом катушка..
G Dogg
hands down for this guy, so clever... look at the views... He knows it.
if you connect the other speaker maybe you will listen music too!
วรวุฒิ มีเวชสม
น่าทึ่ง คิดได้ไง very good สุดๆยอด 👍👍👍👍
Jesus Alburo
vagisha das
cool soooo cool. did you know if you connect one side a wet towel and on the other side wet cowdung. than you walk around it three times. than you see magic. 500% eficiency guranteed.
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Hey China where's sleeping you're 😁😀
Mohamed Bendaoud
What is this?no exist, so rotor and champ magnétique, code énergie
Anil Arora
You are not showing value of three plugs & lamp, please show values.
Asep Saepullah
I just want to laugh after watch this video
Heron Cesar Vieira
A incompetência e a falta de estudos. informações como essa, não deveriam ser publicadas, fazendo com que outras pessoas sejam levadas a um péssimo conhecimento que não condiz com a realidade da física.Deveriam deletar esse vídeo.
William Both II
No surge protector? I got mine to work. After I plugged it in the wall
Billy Myers
People like this need to be permanently BANNED
dupa jasio
I used Iridium spark plugs and am getting 230V.
Иван стрельцов
попрупуй импульсный магнит вмагазине купить тогда работать будет
enamel wire makes great contact with enamel left on so the spark plugs really do something ..the voice coil spiders vibrate 60 cycles from the opposing magnetic field that 220 vac is made to light the cfl...yeah should open a sex toy plant in Pakistan . you are a genius. nice magic trick there fella.
Cali 6311
Why the use of different spark plugs? Hmm 🤔
thank you Mr.Edison .i,ll make 3 pieces of this valuable innovation to generate 3 phase power line in my factory 😁😁😁.
Ramesh Nayak
If this was possible then no one would have paid a rupee for electricity billl
Mark Pellegrino
So would this work if you hooked up a plug instead of a light? And how much power do you get???
Piotr Kopeć
Fajnie lutuje emaliowany drut miedziany do stalowej końcówki świecy.
Ayan Permites
May I know the voltage reading?
3 spark plugs, is it for three-phase ? Lol !
Дмитрий Зюлковский
Есть кто-то кто сможет разгадать фокус?
Muhammad Muhtadi
dibawah karpet pas posisi Magnet kedua, ada BATRAInya. sehingga waktu di tempelkan keduanya Bisa Nyala.... coba sesekali bikin Eksperimen di atas Meja KAYU/KACA bening.... Saya Tantang Anda.
stephen hon
i try its work the buld got a music🤣
Saul Maldonado
I’ll buy a bigger speaker to connect my fridge hahaha
Shoddy Productions
So much for the laws of thermodynamics
Elizabeth Marks-Graham
Dude failed at the spark plugs he didn’t soder to the electrode from what I can tell and the speakers are missing the hole where the voice coil goes into
elsiver ruba
spark plug having the energy
I think a 220 volt transformer is installed under the table (under the second magnet) .
Angelo Bryan
Blitz Roehre
You naughty!! Didnt tell viewers you live next to 100kw radio station! :-)
The CryptoX
Hey it worked!(after plugging it in!)
Fer Cookie
El nicolas tesla de 2019 weon xD
Tote Arts
jajajaja u have so many imagination !
cees erkelens
Ha ha ha, this made my day.
luiz Wandeir
HAHAHA! LED's battery
저렇게 전기가 생산되면 탈원전해야지
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hey you too good thank you
Bashir Ibrahim
Wow I still cant believe my eye
waled alkhele
😆😆 Vary Old 20 years ago The work gives 50V enough to operate an electronic lamp but why it is hidden under the table transformer???????
Sarah Jaynes
Yes! Radiant Energy in Hairpin Circuit
Carmelo Santiago
Great! 💪
Joshomo’s Studio
please does the red wire represent the coil winding?
Ricardo Canicoba
Esto ea una mentira y las manos del que está filmando son de un timador sin ningún tipo escrúpulos una taradez total jamas haria una mentira Ilógica y es para joder a la gente
Andri Sanjaya
Hahaha ya pasti nyala kan itu lampu buat aliran/listrik padam, Kabel 1 nya buat masa di pasang ama besi bagian bawah,,,,🤦🤦🤦 Ribet amat, tinggal pegang aja itu langsung nyala bang
albert devadoss
போடா புழ்ண்ட
Abi Ahmad Voice
The backsound is awesome n so fun
waw Frome Somalia 🇸🇴
Grim Reefer
Just think if you used rare earth magnets. I wish I would have seen this before I throw out all the bad subs! Great video, I learned something new!
Mdu Hyx
Oh my Gud, it worked!!! Thanks so much man, this is brilliant...
Otavoo Flores
Esa sí le está buena de todo video este es más sensitivo y mejor convencional lo felicito amigo
José Manoel
Nikola Tesla deve está se revirando dentro do caixão
Dodik Prasetio
Jooooohhh., Listrik Ra kanggo sak.iki,. Nyyooooolll konyol
bachta taghar
montage scene 8: 38 et 8:39
Funny Video
Very interesting. It looks so cool
Re Win
Sergio Ramirez
This is the best example that 90% of what is on youtube is JUNK.
Ceko Mystério
Daniel deVilliers
I commend you on 9.4 m views. I know a lot about electricity and how it works and the cover is OBVIOUSLY not working but I still just HAD to see it LOL. Good for you, I hope you're making money off this.
More speakers and we see your hairs burning :-))
Doe het zelf
HAHAHAHAHAHA, the bulb from china hahahahahaha
Alien Ambassador
Ya know YouTube; we all understand that advertising is in some way a necessity. But incessantly interrupting an instructional video with it is pretty inappropriate and rude and pisses people off.
Khairul Zulkaeli
success thanks for sharing..
My house is all working on this and I sell electricity to the neighborhood
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Hahaha genius
swarna mohanty
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Can you make me one !
R Dadang Kurnia
Lampunya, emergency lamp .... wadul nya.
Checco Lioni
You're just ridiculous!!!!😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
nice work bro it work really good, im using 5 of these free energy generators for run the engine of my entire island XD GG
Chin Chin
Ciencia ficción 😁
Joshua Schoonover
I used it to power my flux capacitor, now traveling back to the future to get my uncle Biff's almanac.
Sorin Popa
how could you touch by hand the wires...? if you try to light 220 ( even if can be 220 at 200 mAh...)
Margaret Donathan
It only works when you have your tinfoil hats on
akun abal-abal
🤣🤣🤣 9.23 - 9.25 hahahaha...
Pablo Padilla
Es pura cura.. Es broma supongo😂
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ninte veedu evidaada mone ?
Александр Саенко
Hiya IZ pod nogtey!!
Krystian Samulak
Già.. come se il secondo principio della termodinamica non esistesse xD
binyamin ibnemjas
Why spark [email protected]@,,‼️
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Wow imprecionante