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The amount of times you watched this video 👇🏻
Leyton N
None of this would’ve happened if Hitler just found an art course on skillshare Thx for 5k likes that’s the most I’ve ever gotten!
Sebastian Valdes-Westmacott
Imagine if your primary school teacher overthrew the government
Onyx Savior
Japan: *bombs Pearl Harbor* *This enraged America, who punished her severely.*
The legends Thatbehold6
Why is every time traveler trying to kill me, I’m only an artist. Hitler 1910
LE 88
I love how Britain is jumping up and down saying “never surrender” lol
Aida lopez
The Allies: Did you lose the war Germany: Yes The Allies: oh there’s going to be a tax for that
Jonathan Dyer
Japan *bombs Pearl Harbor* America : "Dude... Uncool" Germany : "YOU FOOL YOU'VE DOOMED US ALL!"
Augusto Gamboa
Italian Kids be like: *why is our teacher a leader in a war*
arthur morgan
UK: I have unfinished business with Germany. Poland: yeah, get in line.
Lazy Tomato23
Germany: *invades poland* This enraged the earth,who punished them severely
Fire Fox
“ Hitler kinda shot himself in the foot there. Just the foot for now. “ oof.
Anton Dyrby
"Fuhrer-ous" Seriously. Where does this guy get his humour from? Love it!
Shahira Omar
If Germany is the Fatherland and if Russia is the Motherland, does that make WW2 Domestic Violence?
The legends Thatbehold6
Country that uses bows and arrows and wooden spears: Exists Italy: Finally, a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary!
Ross Lee
Oversimplified: I use skill share for character walking cycles His characters: dont have legs
Michael Anthony
Mussolini: I'm tired of the state controlling everything and instead would like a government where the state controls everything.
The Gamer Shack
Switzerland the entire time: *Sips tea and eats chocolate and cheese on top of a mountain watching the blood shed*
Sir Mooosey
Ive watched this an unhealthy amount of times
CurlyHeadedKK 1
If this guy were a teacher I’d fail his class ever year just so I could take his class
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Germany: *Invades Poland* Denmark: *chuckles* I'm in danger.
Rising Sun Puroresu
Historians: Why do you all think you’re better than me? People who watch oversimplified:
“God created war so that Americans would learn geography.” ― Mark Twain
Hyperspeed 2020
Hitler: I'm gonna take over the world UK and USA: Imma bout ta end this mans whole career
Andy Park
Germany: The Fatherland USSR:The Motherland Operation Barbarossa: DIVORCE
Switzerland during both wars be like (O_O) (D_D)
Yuhin EX
France basically did nothing and they gained the most 😂
Parents: do you like your new history teacher? Me: yes Parents: what's his name? Me: oversimplified
A. J.T
I cant imagine having one of my primary school teachers become a dictator
Me: hitler,how many people did you kill? Hitler: it’s over 9000!
Barber: what kind of haircut am I giving you Mussolini: let’s go with BALD!!! 2:33
Robert Castle
who else thinks his mustache makes him look like he's always shocked
J.J. J.J.
13:13 "Hitler kinda shot himself at the foot there" *"Just the foot for now"*
Darth Krul
today: my teachers never had any interesting stories Back then: my elementary teacher overthrew the government and attempted to create another Roman Empire.
Angel Lozano
Germany: I got rekt in WWI Austria: Am i a joke to you?
Oliver Ludvig kum
WW2: im here The world: ah s**t here we go again
Sarcastic Saber
Is it me or when this video first came out the nazi symbols weren’t censored
I Love Sasuke Uchiha So Freaking Much
Imagine seeing your elementary teacher becoming a dictator
Christian Niccolo Felipe Valencia
Oversimplified: Clearly Churchill had a high thirst for knowledge Reality: Churchill had a high thirst for Cigars and Brandy
akshat mehra
Hitler's moustache looks like his mouth
Juelz Scribe
Who's watching this before veteran's/remembrance day
*When Mussolini is your Elementary school teacher*
Saad Khan
Germany would of won the war if they used *_SKILLSHARE_*
4:02 Oversimpled:“ Hitler attempted a march on Munich with his boys” Me: uhh ok are they’re best friends
Dusch Gel
What if it's actually the other way around? 🤔
Slambo TV
Me: Britain has called Norway and Sweden “The Ladz” on it’s phone. Now I’ve seen it all. Later: *Germany reaches Moscow.* Me: *Dies*
hitler failed to take over the world this enraged his father, who punished him severely
Jax10000 [GD]
Hitler started WWII This enraged the allies, who punished him severely
Jonathan Dyer
Germany *Starts To Invade Denmark * *Six Hours Later* *Denmark Has Left The Party*
Explaining History
Hitler almost drowned when he was 3, but a priest saved him. Imagine the lives that could have been saved...
Rylan Rippen
Switzerland is like me The weird kid no one talks to
Destiny Dude *Kable
“You and what army” Look over my shoulder. This army ... you’d think I see that before now
Thomas Wasily
No one Italy: Ight im a head out
im Spyish
"Finally finishes the whole vid" Me: a have been promoted to historian
Jameson Waters
5:40 *Hitler hated the Treaty of Versailles, and now he was going to begin on doing it.* me: what?
I have ADHD.. Imagine if we had this in the 80´s-90´s in school, then I would have learned something!
A Person
No more Hitler jokes, they're out of mein kampfort zone
Switzerland is like that player that always is on spectator mode on every Hoi4 multiplayer game.
I Narroratethings
Poland: *plz stop invading* French: *plz stop making me occupied* Britain: *lets all hug it out*
In a World War, if a Country in Europe starts with SW its probably neutral.
Connor McCrusher
Mussolini: *Protests again Monarchies* Also Mussolini: *Becomes Dictator* You became the very thing that you swore to destroy
"You lied to me." - "What do you expect? I'm Hitler."
Cabbage Cat
I've watched this video so many times and now I remember almost every phrases in this video
“Talks about experts in their field” *how to make a really good quesadilla
Eye of Ra
Imagine seeing your elementary teacher becoming a dictator
Paris: I don’t know what to do with my life Germany 1941:hippity hoppity this land is now my property
hewji kaijo
"So Hitler kind of shot himself in the foot there" _"Just the foot for now"_
Zander's Universe
The backward peace sign Churchill means “up your bum”
Skris the Geek
Skill share: doesn’t exist This video:
Matej Bošnjak
1:19 Sweden and Norway were one united country back then.
theuganda bro
The allies won because they used skill share
Germany : FatherLand Russia : Motherland So was WWII A big Divorce
bruh that's cringe
Communism has never worked at it never will.
"An invasion through Denmark into Norway" Me, a Danish person: ACTUALLY we didn't resist, the government started working with Germany to spare as many Danish people as possible. It was first in 1943 that we stopped working with Germany and started resisting for real. Ofc there was some resistance but not enough to do anything. Hope you learned something.
Instinct Bros Gaming
Me: Hey Mussolini, what's your favorite food? Mussolini: Pasketti (massive applause)
german mapping
Mussolini was kicked out of his Party. This enraged Hitler, who punished him severely
The Night Sky
Describe how the USA works with the rest of the world in one sentence. ”You’re gonna trade with us, and you’re gonna like it.” Edit: Guys this was a joke...
I can simplify this even more: *pew pew pew pew pew* *ahhhhhhhhhhhhh* *boom* *boom* *pew pew pew* *ahhhhhhh*
TTV jxgzy ツ
*in a war* *they didn’t want to attack the enemy*
Seargent Products
Hitler: Paper! Churchill: Scissors! Hitler: OOF!
I like how Switzerland sat there without a word.
Mino Gruenn
How about the atrocities against the Koreans that the Japanese did?
ᄏᄇᄂᄅᄐ 多
0:32 Phone: "Comeback generator" Also phone: "N O U"
He used a skilshare for walking animations and his people don’t even have legs
Katrina Jackson
"Could you stop exporting iron ore to gemany" "New phone who dis"
Wakil Hamidi
Hitler was born This enraged his father who punished him severely
Lucky Zwarte Kat
“With his bois” That killed me-
As someone learning German your pronounciation of “Lebensraum” made me cry
Admiral Lemons
9:30 I just realized the outhouse says “outen housen”
Easter Ross
3:56 man do not confuse Germany with Belgium it’s not the same
Thurairajah Rajah
But oversimplified Churchill didn't discover Skillshare *The vikings did.* Edit: lmao this was underrated af how the hell did i get this many likes
Барсик и хозяин
why is the Russian region of Tuva a separate country? (and Yes I'm from Russia)
Toxic Storm101
C'yall in 2059 when this is recommended again
Torture For Your Enjoyment
11:58 Switzerland: *Sweats nervously*
Jayden’s Vids And vlogs!
7:13 “What do you expect? *I’m Hitler* “
My grandpa died in concentration camp.... Poor guy fell off the guard tower
Lee Bee
_”This gets him in a bit of trouble with the Swiss police._ Notification: this clickbait meme channel that I never bothered to unsubscribe first word I see: L O L
electro dragon
6 year old me in a store with mom 6:18
Radu Bașca
1:18 - you're welcome.
Everybody: wow 2 months for 99 cents! Me: *using the deals with reallifelore, wendover, HAI, Sam onella, at the same time*