Rolf Graf
This is Metal, one big family \m/
Do you see the friendship between this people? That basically only happens in metal. I would kill for being able to be there. \m/
Kyle Haynes
Lol I love how Floor is just taller than everyone. She is like an Amazonian Warrior Princess. She would play an excellent Wonder Woman!
Tommy is like, what do I do??? where do I go???, oh let's take pictures haha
Who can forgetAlissa and Elize..when Annette cant performed that Night
Few things make my heart happier than seeing a favorite band get surprised on stage by another favorite band.
So many beautiful people on stage, holy crap.
Metalhead Sabaton
Only possible in the metal genre😃
Jazzy Sugar
so awesome how Emppu gets energized by the presence of Alissa, Tommy and Elize and you clearly see that Nightwish is happy to have a badass vocalist like Floor to rock so much harder than before
Carlitox b
wait a minute, Why all of them are good looking?
It is literally impossible to not give this video thumbs up :D Floor's reaction is pretty priceless ;D
Tom Salvitti
That's awesome. Im a sucker for when people work together like that.
Mr. Korzack
So much to love about this - the tour that almost never happpened, with the support of those who did at its weakest moment... And such a friendship, man... I love moments like this <3
Fernando Barth
When is your first day in a new job and your friends come to support you!
Ray Nelson
So great to hear the Music, enhanced by the "FUN" of it all.
It's so funny but also awesome how she has to crouch down to sing with or hug everyone ^^"
Not to diss Tommy or Elyse but the amount of talent in the combination of Floor + Alyssa alone in just sky-rocketting
Jonathan Ralte
Ah. Yess. This is priceless. And jukka 😍I miss seeing him perform
nimim. Marko Mikkilä
That circular head-mosh of hers is one of a kind!
Wow, that was awesome! Seriously, I've always said this. . .Classic rock has had its remarkable share of collaborations and mutual respect among musicians during the 60's and 70's (I'm thinking of The Last Waltz as one particular example that stands out). But the latter was lost in many regards in mostly all genres afterwards, except in the metal community. There's just something more special about metal music and the metal culture, and this is why I'll always be a metalhead. It's record labels that don't play down their signed talent, yet they promote their bands and encourage collaboration, even if the money isn't pouring in. It's the sense of raw, pure energy and creativity within the community, and the sense of collective identity that makes it even easier to say ___________(insert your own explicative) to mainstream media and the drones of bubble gum zombies that have infected the radio stations and our ears. What we just watched is some of the greatest musicians that will ever live on one stage together showing mutual respect for each other, sharing the joy of music. I feel lucky to have seen this on video. It's just too damn bad I couldn't have seen it in person! Metal up! Peace.
DM Kilrath
Floor Jansen is so gorgeous!!
Riley Nash
This could never happen with lesser musics like hip hop. Yay for the music of gods
David Líbal
And today, Floor was born and loved Nightwish, are back :)
It is like seeing Kamelot, Amaranthe and Nightwish on the same stage, holy shit :)
Kemas Aziz
I love how musician supports each other..
Chris Tine
Even i wasnt there man what a great show o emotions on Stage,perfect goosebump moment
Kevin Persen Liset
:) Damn i wish i were there :)
I want to see something like that live!! ♥ That would be AMAZING! Why this didn't happened to some band on Masters of Rock?!
mike mckenzie
God that would have been amazing to be there
Razor Steel
Metal ABBA! Love this stuff.
Alberto Rodriguez Martinez
Kyle Rayner, Wonder woman, Ice and Zatanna ... 🤣
I've been into rock and metal since I was at least 12, over 30 years, this is why.its not just about the music, it's a community.
Ryan Nelson
kamelot bloody rules! I love them so much
D4n Benalcázar
Jukka!!! Holy
Cornelius Antonius
thanks bro
Adam Pepe
What an awesome moment!!!! Super jealous of all who saw it in person <3
When/where was this?
Eduardo Carvalho
That was so cool!
There is no further joy than seeing favourite band live being supprise by anothe favourite band. So awesome , metal queens
Man ! I was about to cry seeing this,it was so emotional ! I felt so much love !! Thank you for sharing !
Nora Helf
this is amazing
i'm glad i wasn't at this concert, simply too many metal gods on one stage at a time, i would have died.
Fire of Jagz
I don't get goosebumps easily, but this is one of those moments
When was this?
Nick Wilson
That would be a dream come true for me! My 2 favorite bands!! Nightwish and Kamelot forever!!!
God damn it. I would have given anything to have seen Amaranthe's lead singer perform alongside Nightwish
And than, you are in the show of your favorite band, which is playing one of your favorites songs and Alicia enters.... Is I were there, I would have fainted.
David Oliveras "MadverasDrums"
woaaa! goosebumps!
christine bardin
So heart warming.
Oh, they do come a lot
Joshua Fizer
This had to be a phenomenal experience live!
Stephen Petrovich
apparently he doesnt know the words much..the guy from
Dale Langley
What a surprise, outstanding!
Jukkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3
Helle Ristlaid-
Awesome company!
What a Dream!! :'(
Drazen Victor
Michael Steel
Kevin Persen Liset
The bands on stage are on such a HIGH now that this will take hours before they come down :) DAMN :) And the audience are on such a high now :) DAMN :)
Marcelo Melo
I want a visit like that too!!!!!!!! hahaha!!!!! Amazing!!! Lucky people!!!
JanuariSnow 11
How does Floor do that with her hair?
Holy shit. That's just awesome! Although I think this is 2016, as Jukka returned for a anniversary show, which didn't happen in 2017, as he is struggling with Insomnia.
Jesper Nielsen
Nelson Rodriguez
is that Jukka? FK YEAH!
Nina Porras
As with the last concerts I notice a very bad sound engineering. So sad.
where is Elvis?
Rene Callejas
Memorable momento... notable
Ralf Meyer
What a enery on the Stage wow
Andromeda Kalogeropoulou Yagami
Mohamed Jansher
Oh fuckk's really really surprise shocked at the moment when they came...💙 \m/
Scott Bynon
I miss Jukka he really needs to come back and play the drums again I mean the new guy is good but he's no jukka not even close
Arch Enemy
Выгнали Тарью, Аннет в декрет ушла, припёрлась квазимода Флор совсем не умеющая петь
Great moment;-)
Ed Lex
Tommy is a very nice guy and Elize... hummm
Marco, Alissa, Elize and Floor singing together..god fucking damit :O
Awesome! Great two bands!
That was cool!
Wook Wookey
Nice to see Floor before she fell for the 'tats are cool' meme.
Мирослав Пеюв
It's "Floor Jansen" and not "Floor Jensen" :)
Zoi Pana
Thanks for sharing! Happy new week! ♥
Scott Jefferson
While I am still a huge Targa fan and really miss her vocals, OMG does Floor own the songs! She is just amazing in her own right, love it when she gets her hair going. Guess she doesn’t like the drummer starring at her butt, though?
The Grumpy Warlock
color me #jelly
Grigorijs Mamilovs
Excuse me, but where are Floor's tattoos???
bob halford
B Well
that's pretty cool!
So nice legs Floor...
Steve Minghini
Was this Orlando in '12 ??
Is the original drummer back???
Samir Vistas
súper ...Europa tiene los mejores del metal. lo mejor.
Don Trayler
Hott...hotter..... and more hott!!!
sound is realy terreble
This . Is brotherhood.
Adam Knight
But why capture this? Enjoy the moment, they are performing for you in a singular moment that you will never be at again - and no technology will replicate it. Put the phone down, and take it all in.
Anne Wilder
Jukka is back :)
Calvin Vice
The last ride of the day with 'the rider of the last day'.....The surprise of the guys from amelot, Arch enemy, and Amaranthe, was an AWESOME addition to the set and great for the fans as well.  ABSOLUTELY EPIC!!!!
Margot Ceelen
alissa didn't sing a single word lol
Mic Mic
Night Rider