Esoteric Ed
The doctor and referee should be charged with manslaughter, if someone dies as a result of your negligence, you are to blame.
you don't even need to have experience to see how bad he was doing
REF, DOC, COACH Should never be allowed to Work again!
OneN9ne 87
Please tell me the doctor lost his license at least.
This doctor is a complete idiot. Shameful!! RIP big guy and big prayers for his family.
This was so avoidable. Such a shame. The doctors, ref, and coach should all be charged.
Alan Kellnon
Unbelievable. The guy was killed by referee, doc and his own coach. I'm speechless.
Spencer Jacob
Wtf was his coach doing?! He absolutely knew he was compromised and was literally trying to hold him up and was slapping him. That's insane. He should be banned from all combat sports in every capacity.
This was very difficult to watch. The way this young man kept fighting, shows he had alot of heart. May he rest in paradise. Shame on the ref, ringside doc and his corner
6 6 6
Why didn’t he call out that he couldn’t continue anymore?
skelki Galatasaray
If this one man can be called a doctor,...than im an austronaut.
Your Fabulous Happy Mann
Well they killed that young man....I hope they sleep well.
Has anyone else noticed he was the only African American in that room?
I hope the Doctor, Ref and Coach were ALL charged with at least Criminal Negligence Causing Death!!!
Akbar Zaman
The docter and the ref should be charged for man slaughter
adao ramos
Who else wants to knock out the ref and the doctor
Poor kid is stumbling all over and nobody notices or says anything? So wrong. Is winning so important you let this young man die? I couldn’t even watch the ending of this. Heartbreaking.
Charles Winokoor
And in the very old days of boxing, a fighter who knocked someone out often would show concern for the well being of his vanquished competitor, instead of continually strutting around the ring.
Mega Magikarp
I’m hoping and praying someone’s license has been permanently revoked due to obvious negligence
His coach is just as much to blame for not calling that fight
Thirteen Villains
This was actually hard to watch... Like anyone with eyes could see something was wrong.
Eboklang Dkhar
he's a quack not a doctor. The fighter could have been saved
Marc Pollacchi
Criminal neglect. Tragic. Everyone overlooked this young man’s condition. Thirty minutes to get to a hospital. I hope his family gets retribution
John Smith
That Dr. deserves to be sued and lose his license
Referee is clearly racist, if the other fighter was in the same situation he would have stopped the fight
Brade Bronson
That doctor should get charged ...
Free The plug
This is absolutely disgusting! Nobody even cares for this mans health.
Leopoldo Muniz
The referee two coach and the doctor should be lock up and banned for life from fighting.
Kathleen Tjaldal
OMG!!!!!!!! I am DEVASTATED THEY should ALL be JAILED. A loss of a young LIFE do to NEGLIGENCE.
Oh well, another criminal gone, no big loss.
Jack Andrew
RIP Dennis Munson jr, this shouldn’t have happened, prayers out to you and your family
Jeff Wilson
The referee and the fighters own support team killed this man
Barry Love
I agree with blaming the doctor and ref . Also his opponent should gauge him n know this guys not even fighting
Every official controlling this fight should be behind bars. Especially the Dr and ref, they should be permanently banned when they get out of jail.
Duke Silver
I couldn’t imagine just slowly dying while everyone around me just ignored it. This was hard to watch.
kira kim
The referee and the Doctor deserved to spend the rest of their life in jail 🤬🤬🤬!
sandile mabaso
I’m so mad, they should’ve been put to prison 😡
Goran Kostic
What a warrior!rest in peace brother.
Finding Souza
In my heart that fighter won. He pushed himself passed the limits and never gave up. I know it was an accident but killing is actually illegal. I hope he is in Heaven right now.
The doctor and the medic were completely negligent but im even more disgusted at the coach. How could he send *his* guy in there like that?!?
BoxingLion 777
Damm everbody with a boxing heart would and could have stepped in
Allan Doy
They shouldn't be charged they should go to jail for 40 years they just killed a mans life
Martín Alonzo
Most blame on his corner. Knows him the best. Corner should have stopped the fight.
Melodic Harmony
A total travesty. I'm no "expert" fight analyzer, but I would have stopped him after Round 2. At this point, it's not about winning. There is life after a fight.
Gig Young
This is sick. All of the ring officials should be summarily fired and charged with criminal negligence.
Dezz Schufog
When it’s a money and betting sport! But don’t worry he lasted the amount of rounds and people won their money.
Didn't any body see that the other fighter was laughing the whole time, that was my first impression of a fixed fight and they went as far as killing this poor man. R.I.P munson
Proverbs 31 :30
can't even finish watching negligence brought this warrior to death
Officials got this man killed.
If I was the opponent and notice how strange dude is reacting barely being able to stand his own balance to fight back, I’d stop the match myself.
Jarazay paris
Ya never know it prolly was intentionally
Christopher Gibson9mm
At round 3 it's clear to a blind man this fight should be stopped.
Highly disturbing. How could this fight be let to go on. Doc on his phone? Ref not recognizing the staggering!
Josh Weight
sounds like the crowd notices something is wrong around 4:00 when ref puts his hand up all i can hear is come on ref n something being said like their telli ng him to stop the fight
Hidden Star
I just watched a death match...surrounded by bunch of useless people. damn!
Communist Conner
Mans will never forgive himself 😔
Communist Conner
Mans will never forgive himself 😔
George Presley
Ref and doc were oblivious because they were paid by the Mafia
Lucas Mazzoli
Poor boy and the other fighter imagine how it feels one of his first armatures he accidentally kills a man
Shauntae Pressley
Thats ridiculous! The damn audience could have stepped in!
Frankie Roberts
As an epileptic the flashing lights and a few good knocks to the head would do me in .
Daniel Brady
When the fighter is wobbly like he's shitfaced you call the fight.
Russwel Siano
salute to the young brave fighter . my heart bleeds while watching this video
a fan
i think the doctor is fake. he should be jailed for life for being useless.
Anthony Browne
I've watched this fight several times and still don't understand what fight the trainer, doctor and referee were watching. After round 1 the fighter shows so many signs he is not right. Hands go down, foot work is unstable. As his trainer he should know his fighter, you'd be thinking what's he doing, , that's not right? The doctor may as well been sat at home, absolutely pointless being there, doesn't even go to the corner. The ref, well he shocked me the most, you can Kind of see he has concerns at the end of round two, he watches the corner. But does nothing... I think every coach, ref, medical staff in MMA, BOXING ANY COMBAT SPORT should have to watch this fight as standard procedure. To make sure no fighter be left alone in the ring! Prayers to his family, RIP Never should have happened.
Sean McCourt
The opponent should have known something wasnt right!
When shorty keep texting yo phone when you should be watching your fighters health🤧
Military Meagan Vlogs and Reviews
This is so heartbreaking. Rest In Peace Munson. 🥺
Chris M
That doctor should lose his license. The ref should be banned for life. Both should face manslaughter charges.
Mike Kaemke
And now I know why I got that eerie feeling that "someone died here" when I was there for a concert.
Communist Conner
Mans will never forgive himself 😔
Brian Peters
How could all these people miss the signs. Very hard to believe.
ssWolf Beard
Came here after the recent in ring death (2019Jul) but watching this.. That Ref and coach should be charge with neglect or SOMETHING.. Pretty hard to watch
That's definitly the most disturbing death I've ever seen the ring. Terribly sad.
Sorry ass coach..referee and doctor i feel like they deserve some time in jail
Shervin Pishevar
This is not a sport. Everyone at that event was complicit.
Ender Ragnarok
Munson’s coach was either incompetent or deliberately trying to keep him going for an ulterior reason (re: match fixing). Either way, he should be in jail.
gabriel sandoval
And where's the responsibility of the other boxer can't he see that the guy is not coordinating well and doesn't stop the fight
Chad Walker
ya it seems pretty fricken obvious that there is something very wrong and serious happening with that guy. idk how that fight was not called done
David Benavides
So disgusted by this, the young man was bullied into continuing, God bless his soul may the people people who were supposed put his safety first be held accountable and punished! #God gained another soilder
Jadea R
this breaks my heart to watch
This is so hard to watch as it's clearly obvious what is going on. Breaks my heart
Stefanos Stef
If i was the Coach i would go home and try to understand how tf can i be so stupid and then i would quit the sport. If i was the referee i would apologise for being that criminally irresponsible, i would quit and i would try to avoid jail. If i was the doctor i would probably shoot myself in the head for letting such thing happen under my watch. If i was the enemy player i wouldn't know wtf to do, because these three idiots didn't do their jobs and i killed a man and i have to live with that for the rest of my life.
Serious... ref and doc and trainier should go to jail...young man died because no ones cares about him... jesus christ
Louie Pellegrino
Fucking sad man!! God bless his family.
John Brown
It makes me uneasy just to watch this.
His corner is to blame in my opinion. When neither the ref nor doctor step in, his coach should be the one to make sure his man is safe first and foremost.
lee cox
never saw him take a clean shot in the first round. that being said, you must still as a referee be able to tell the difference between exhaustion and balance issues.
Alice Is not my real name
4:15 is terrifying... like that's the moment
How the hell does his CORNER not toss in the towel after round 2😐. This is just as bad as watching transgendered women beating on biological women in MMA
David Rogers
This really pisses me off incompetents all the way around somebody should be charged especially the ring Doctor
andrew Hoard
At the beginning of the second round, I would have given the fighter a standing 8-count. He looks pretty woobly, and I would have had the doctor see him. At the end of the second round I would have called the fight. This is gross malfeasance by the corner man, the Ref and Doctor 😾😡 I am so angry watching this 😡😡😡
Menino D'oiro
Such negligence! RIP warrior!
Ekaterina Stoeva
This is so sad ...I can't belive that they all let this happen, when it was so obvious!
brownie joker
Warrior's death! My fullest respect!
VCR Time Machine
Jesus...the guy was out on his feet in the 3rd round. How could no one see this?
Lilit & the SunShine Band
Damn ! The Opponent Was Having Fun Like a Cat With His Prey
godssoldier77 godssoldier77
I think this was a set up, anyone with an IQ of 7 would know something is definitely wrong here
Jake Douglas
He had heart, he died fighting... Literally.